Tiger Tech COVID Plus AI-powered armband

Tiger Tech Covid Plus AI-powered armband

Yet another weareable to detect COVID symptoms? Well yes, but actually no. It’s FDA approved AI-powered (the device uses machine learning) armband which was developed by Tiger Tech – group of anesthesiologists at MSMC Miami Beach. It’s one of the largest hospitals in the US.

They have been working for years on weareable sensor system and researching COVID-19 state identification. This is an innovative solution for COVID screening and testing. Looking for another wearables to detect COVID-19? Click and read about smart sticker BioIntelliSense BioButton.

Tiger Tech COVID Plus – game changer that will help stop the spread of COVID-19?

This thing is serious. Tiger Tech COVID Plus was developed after years of research on disease states and months of research on thousands of COVID subjects, To put it simple – it’s an armband with embedded sensors that acquire biometric signals from the patient’s body.

Source: Tiger Tech

Tiger Tech COVID Plus – how it works?

Tiger Tech COVID Plus armband is completely noninvasive and it takes less than 3 to 5 minutes to render a decision. Device checks for abnormalities in a participant’s biometrics, along with other COVID-19 complications. But it’s not a simple task – COVID Plus uses hundreds of unique biomarkers to find patterns associated with COVID-19.

Developer info:

“Positive and negative results are based on statistical analysis, specifically, the device analyzes where a user’s biomarkers are positioned relative to thousands of COVID and NON-COVID subjects. Most importantly, these markers are present in COVID asymptomatic subjects.”

This task is not simple but Tiger Tech COVID Plus usage is. Just look at the indicator – it shows red or green color.

And last but not least – it’s secure and protects your personal health information. Does not require cloud computing or historical data.

FDA authorizes Tiger Tech Covid Plus armband

Tiger Tech COVID Plus armband shows over 98% accuracy in positive cases and over 94% in negative cases. Still it’s not designed to take place of a diagnostic tests at this moment, just a second screening option.

Source: Tiger Tech

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