BioButton – wearable to detect coronavirus symptoms


Traditional screening methods revealed how challenging it is to detect risk of COVID-19. So how to detect these infections early, maybe in some less traditional way?

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BioButton for COVID monitoring

Sticker and app for COVID-19 symptom and vaccine monitoring? Really? Why not? BioButton is a new COVID screening solution – at work, home and even school. It is about a size of coin and uses wireless Bluetooth comunication.

BioButton is not a toy. This is FDA-cleared medical-grade wearable for continuous monitoring up to 90-days. It’s discreet with design for an effortless user experience. This device is making remote patient monitoring and early detection simple.

What does BioButton do?

It uses sensors to continuously track your skin temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate at rest measurements. Monitoring combined with advanced analytics enables the BioButton to find symptoms of early potential COVID-19 infection.

This device can tell you that you are sick, even if you don’t know it yourself.

BioMobile app is available for iOS and Android devices

But… wait! Is my personal data safe with BioButton? This device protects health data with end-to-end encryption (AES-128) from data capture to secure storage.

If you want more details don’t hesistate to contact BioIntelliSense – producer of BioButton and even ask about a demo.

Remember that devices of this type are still in the early stages of development. There is no substitute for common sense and compliance with WHO rules.

Source: BioIntelliSense

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